August 2021

Experience the best Italian cuisine

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Italy is a well-known tourist destination. Apart from the country and the tourist spots available, it is also known for the culture, its people, and the most loved food practices. Wherever we go, we find a place that provides Italian food. Although the taste might not be as original as the authentic one, people do go there and enjoy the food. When you are looking for the best pasta or other Italian food, look no further than Pasta Fresca. The owner of the restaurant opened it in Singapore and it has become one of the most popular ones in the whole country. Started in the year 1988, it started with only three tables. As the years went by, it then turned out to be people’s favorite. Since the start, they have been using simple and fresh ingredients to make the dishes. Their friendly nature with the customers has helped them to create the brand identity and other crucial things which have termed them as leaders today. Their quick recipe for South Italian food is a huge hit among the people of Singapore. Pasta Fresca’s private dining in Singapore is used for many important occasions.

What do they provide?

Private dining in Singapore is extremely important. There are several events that happen every day and to provide dinner facilities to the guests will give them a good impression. For those who might be looking for a private restaurant or a separate venue in the central of Singapore to host a party or event, the restaurant’s cozy and elegant setting increases the mood and gives the people energy for the night.

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People can book for an intimate and free dining experience with family and friends in the private dining area. It is located on the second level of the Boat Quay outlet. Their dining rooms can be customized as per the requirement and can handle a group of up to 60 people. This is one of the most versatile dining experiences any person would like to get. Their friendly service and high-quality maintenance are what drives people to them. Be it any celebration, the restaurant has its own plans that will be more surprising and memorable.

Facilities availed:

The dining experience contains the following;

  • Male and female restrooms.
  • Bar counter.
  • Booth-style seating in certain areas.
  • It also has an AV projector, Projector screen, Sound System, and a handheld microphone.

More than anything, the satisfaction people get through their services is what speaks more volumes. Profit-earning was never the main aim of the restaurant. Providing fresh and quality dishes with the best ingredients that take the people back to their childhood and making them relishing those days is what Italian food is all about and the restaurant does a great job in instilling the feeling of nostalgia.