August 2021

The Top Amusement and Theme parks in NY State with New York ground transportation

New York ground transportation facilities

The State of NY, is the home of Coney Island, is said to be one among the world’s initial and the most popular amusement parks. There are lots of parks scattered all through the state which can be reached with New York ground transportation facilities.

Below are listed some of the top amusement and theme parks which can be reached with New York ground transportation services:

Coney Island: Brooklyn

This is a classic amusement park that has a collection of attractions. Luna Park is the primary operator.

Famous rides include:

Cyclone roller coaster

The Scream Zone thrill rides

The newer Thunderbolt steel coaster

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park

The original Nathan’s Famous

The B&B Carousel.

Darien Lake Amusement Park-Darien Lake: Darien Center

This amusement park has:

The Ride of Steel hypercoaster

The launched Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster

A good-sized water park

Destination resort incorporates a hotel, a huge campground, and a primary performing arts center.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari: Old Forge

This is a water park primarily. There are dry rides too which include a Ferris wheel, a carousel and some kids’ rides. There is an arcade adjoining the park along with a zip line, go-karting and a rock climbing spot. There are a campground and an inn at the resort.

The Great Escape: Queensbury-Lake George

Six Flags operates and owns this park. It is a theme park started for kids initially with thrilling rides, attractions for young kids and fairytale lands appealing children. There is a large water park.

Adventureland: Farmingdale

This is a medium-size park suitable for younger kids. There is a steel coaster along with a couple of additional thrill rides. This park is close to Pittsburgh.

Midway Amusement Park: Ellery

This park is a charming trolley park which is small-sized. It has a kiddie coaster, a vintage carousel, Tilt-A-Whirl and some other classic rides. This is situated within a state park.

Rye Playland: Rye

This is a historical as well as a classic park that has an original art-deco architecture. It is situated on a boardwalk at the seaside.

Rides included are:

Dragon wooden coaster

A freefall ride

A beautiful carousel

A splashdown ride

Santa’s Workshop: North Pole

This is a small theme park with a Christmas theme with some shows and rides. It is available some weekends and opens during the summertime.

New York ground transportation facilities

Seabreeze Amusement Park: Rochester

This is a medium-size park, located on Lake Ontario. It is great to have some family fun during the summer. There is a classic Jack Rabbit wooden coaster.

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park

This is a small-sized park on Oneida Lake shores. A classic Pretzel dark ride called Laffland is here. Tilt-A-Whirl and a Rotor are other spinning rides.

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park: Central Park, NYC

This is a small-sized park located on Wollman Rink. It is a seasonal ride in Central Park, NY. It is available each spring all through fall.

It hosts the following all through the season:

Face painting



Interactive games


Huck Finn’s Playland: Albany

Magic Forest Family Fun Park, Lake George, NY

Martin’s Fantasy Island: Grand Island-Buffalo

New York ground transportation services make it possible to reach effortlessly here on time in comfort. They are priced reasonably as well.